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Vision: New Life Fellowship seeks to bring about reconciliation among the races and seeks to restore families back to God. Through the Love of God and by ministering the unadulterated word of God, neighborhoods, ministries, families and races will be restored and barriers will be torn down. New Life Fellowship is a place of refuge and healing from the disenfranchised, emotionally damaged, the abused and the lonely. This ministry is for all people, from all backgrounds, ethnic heritages and ages. God’s love will be imparted to all.

As a part of this vision, New Life Fellowship permits youth between the age of 12 and 16 to minister at NLF without being members. The cut off age will be 16 with the expectation that youth will complete Christian Discipleship Classes with parental permission.

Purpose: To train and equip youth in the biblical principles of the Lord Jesus Christ, prepare them for works of service and draw their adult family members to Christ.

Youth and parents who are members of another church will not be permitted to be on a ministry team under NLF auspices.

Our goal is to use this as a tool and strategy of evangelism to draw families to Christ as written in the vision statement of NLF.

New Life Fellowship believes in valuing youth and parents as team mates and that through Christ and together, we can do anything.

New Life Fellowship Youth Ministry Commits to:

  • Prepare parental documentation and team compact to ensure that parents are aware of the NLF Vision, Youth Vision and requirements for youth.
  • Hold true to discipleship and the preaching of Jesus Christ for the purpose of winnings souls for Christ by establishing a component within Bible Study to introduce and encourage relationship with Christ according to Romans 10:8-13 and equip them for works of service as described in Ephesians 4:12.
  • New Life Fellowship Youth Ministries believes that building relationship with them through the word and ministries can help shape some of their thinking and counter some of the peer ideals that are emerging today.1 

1Chip Wood, “Yardsticks”(Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc. Turners Falls, MA 2007). According to Wood, youth who are entering middle school at age 12 proves through the studies of Erik Erickson and Jean Piaget that youth begin to emerge into their adult personality. Wood also states that youth are becoming reasonable and tolerant, they care more about peer opinions than those of teachers and parents and will initiate their own activities without adult prompting.


Service Times

Sunday Morning Worship- 10:00am
Wednesday Night Bible Study - 6:30pm
Joshua Generation
Youth Fellowship Friday - 6:30pm

Sat. Experience - Saturday - 6:00pm

Location: 330 Wellington Ave
Rochester NY 14619
Ph: 585-436-0085 Fax: 585-436- 9142

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